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What is @HomeNet?

@HomeNet is Azteca Technologies' Home Networking service. It's just what your home needs if you have, use or want more than one computer in your home and want them to access the internet, email, game, chat, or share files and printers with all the computers in your house at the same time.

If this seems different or unusual to you, you're right.  Nobody else offers Home Networking service like we do.  Our approach to home networking is different, and that's good for you.  We make it simple for you because we do everything.  Nobody else makes it easier or does what we do for you.  The next sections explain how to get @HomeNet, how we do home networking, what makes us different, what we do that the others don't and the benefits of @HomeNet.

How do I get @HomeNet?

The easiest and quickest way to get @HomeNet is to go to our @HomeNet Configuration Wizard. To get started, click here or on the Configuration Wizard link at the right.  It will ask you a few simple questions that will help us understand your home networking needs and configure your home network to your specific requirements.  The @HomeNet Configuration Wizard will create an Estimate for @HomeNet Services, which will include the cost for your @HomeNet service and any network equipment your home may need.  After reviewing your estimate in the @HomeNet Configuration Wizard , fill in your contact information.  Once we receive your configuration and contact information, we will contact you (usually within two days) to schedule a Pre-Installation Visit in your home.  

How does Azteca Technologies do it?

What makes us unique is that we can do everything for you.  You don't get stuck being the "middle man."  We can do everything for you because we are a technology integrator.  That means we take all the pieces of the technology puzzle like computer and network hardware, different software packages, network services and all those other myriad pieces and make them work for customers like you.  We're not the pieces, but we are the glue.  We understand all the pieces and which ones you need, and we help put them all together and keep them together for you.  That's why we're different.  Our allegiance is not to a particular brand or to a specific technology, but instead our allegiance is to your needs and requirements.  You won't find anyone else who does it that way.

Azteca Technologies is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP), but with @HomeNet services we'll help you select your ISP for your high-speed internet connection and help you set it up.  Azteca Technologies is not a network equipment manufacturer, but with @HomeNet services we can purchase the network equipment you need for your home network and set it up for your specific needs.  Azteca Technologies is not a PC manufacturer, but you can buy your new PCs from us as part of your home network.   Because we are an Information Technology (I/T) services company, we work with the best manufacturers and brand names in PCs, printers, network equipment and other hardware and software to create your home network.  We work with brand names like Dell® and Hewlett-Packard® for PCs and printers, Linksys® and Netgear® for home network equipment, and software brands like Microsoft® and Symantec®. We select and put all of those pieces together to create a home network designed specifically for your home and your unique needs.

Here’s a comparison of what you get with our @HomeNet service and what the others give you with their service:
 Set up wireless router Yes Yes
 Set up 1 PC Yes Yes
 Select broadband provider Yes No
 Set up broadband connection Yes No
 Set up for up to 4 PCs Yes No
 Set up a shared printer Yes No
 Set up shared files Yes No
 Set up Mac, Unix or Linux computers Yes No
 Provide Support Yes No
 Provide up-and-running training Yes No
 Other services tailored to your needs Yes No

How does it work?

The flow diagram below at the left shows the steps we take to deliver our @HomeNet service to you.  The first step is to go to our @HomeNet Configuration Wizard As you can see, using the @HomeNet Configuration Wizard is not the only way to get @HomeNet.  Although the @HomeNet Configuration Wizard is quicker, you can always call, fax or email us your home networking needs. If you do, we'll get back to you to discuss your needs personally.  Like we said eariler, using the @HomeNet Configuration Wizard is quick and easy and the fastest way to get you on your way to enjoying the benefits of your home network.  The Wizard asks you a few simple questions to help us understand your home networking needs.  The Configuration Wizard will create an Estimate For @HomeNet Services for you to review.  Once you review it, you'll be asked to provide your contact information so we can schedule a Pre-Installation Visit in your home.  The Pre-Installation Visit allows us to review your requirements in detail and create a detailed quote for you.  After you accept the quote, we start working on everything needed to configure and set up your home network.  Once everything is ready to put in place, we'll return to your home to install the equipment, do any final configuration, test to make sure everything works and give you an orientation to your new home network that we call up-and-running training.

What are the benefits of @HomeNet?

Internet for everyone Share your broadband connection with all computers in your home network so every computer has simultaneous internet access
Online all the time Every computer in your home has access to everything all the time
Sharing Share videos, digital photos, music, other files and even printers and scanners
Expandability Add computers to your wireless home network quickly, easily and at a minimal cost
Online Gaming Family members can game together or with friends on the internet
Freedom Use your computer anywhere in and around your home, even outside
Simplicity We take care of everything; broadband setup, network equipment and configuration, PC and peripheral configuration. You’re not caught in the middle between your ISP, network equipment and PC manufacturers and countless technical support people
Working with us We are a company experienced in working with technology and making it work for our customers

Who is @HomeNet for?

  • Anyone who has or wants to have more than one computer in their home and needs access to the internet with all of the computers.
  • Anyone who has a broadband or high-speed internet connection directly connected to only one computer but wants to share it with other computers in their home.
  • Anyone who has school or college aged children that are required to use a computer.
  • Anyone who wants the freedom to use their computer from anywhere in or around their home anytime they want.
  • Anyone who works part-time or full-time from home or operates a business from their home.
  • Anyone that does not have a high-speed connection to the internet, but wants or needs one.
  • Anyone who wants to be able to share an internet connection, share files (like video, pictures, music and other files), game with other people at home or over the internet, share a single or multiple printers or even a scanner.
  • Most of all, @HomeNet is for you and your home.  We've designed this service just for you.

Still not sure?

Don’t worry if you are still are not sure about @HomeNet.  If you’re not, but are interested, get in touch with us by filling out the Contact Form on our website, or call, fax or email us with your contact information and any questions you have and we’ll get in touch with you.

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